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It was really a nice event, thanks for inviting me Justin!
Skills Matter people are blazing fast when it comes to putting videos
online it seems, and the recording of yesterday's session is already here:


Le 24/04/13 09:33, « Justin Cormack » <> a
écrit :

>London Lua has another meetup this Thursday 25th, when Benjamin Cabé
>will be talking about "Using Lua for the Internet of Things with
>Eclipse Koneki and Mihini". These are new open source Lua projects
>that are part of the Eclipse foundation's projects in machine to
>machine communication. A video will be available a few days later if
>you cannot make it in person. Further details here
> plus mailing list details.
>Following this there will be a joint meetup and workshop with the
>Wikimedia foundation, all about the new Lua templating available on
>We also have videos of our past sessions available, including Roberto
>Ierusalimschy's Q&A earlier this year: