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Hello fellow Lua users!

Do you like Python's docstrings or their Lua equivalent[1]?
Do you want your Lua function definitions to look like this ...

  example = annotate[=[
    This example function does something really useful.

    example( input [, flags, ...] ) ==> table        -- on success
                                    ==> nil, string  -- in case of error
        input: string/function   -- filename or function producing input
        flags: table             -- set of flags
        ...  : (table/string)*   -- more flags

    Some more text describing function `example` ...
  ]=] ..
  function( input, flags, ... )
    -- ...

... to get type checking for function arguments and/or return values?
Then maybe this module is for you. You can get it at your nearest rocks server or on github[2], documentation is here[3], license is MIT.


If you have a great new idea what to do with docstrings, annotate allows you to register callbacks to implement those ideas without conflicts.

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