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Am 25.04.2013 07:22 schröbte Dirk Laurie:

A search on "docstring" on the list archive also shows:

That's an interactive help system based on the LDoc notation.

Ah, I've been looking for a recent example of an interactive help system. I only found asklua and luahelp, which both are still Lua 5.1 only, and therefore seem to be more or less abandoned.

I pushed a simple help module which can fallback to another help system like yours in case no docstring is available:

    local help = require( ""):wrap( require( "help" ) )
    --                     ^ my help                       ^ your help
    local annotate = require( "annotate" )

    example1 = annotate[[annotate docstring]] .. function() end

    --- LDoc docstring
    -- for function example2
    function example2() end

    help( example1 )
    help( example2 )

One other obvious thing to do would be an offline documentation generator, but Steve more or less promised (:-p) to write an LDoc-plugin for annotate, so I will sit on my hands for a while ...

Other ideas floating in my head are general pre-/postconditions, design by contract like in Eiffel, and function call logging/tracing (which are not that useful in user documentation, I admit). Docstrings *have* to be useful to make up for the additional memory overhead. So I'm open to suggestions ...