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What is it?

I'm a user of luasocket who is regularly compiling it from source on Windows, OSX, and Linux, and yet I'm still confused as to what the current usable version is. I'm using 2.0.2; 2.0.3 RC2 was announced back in 2009 ( with no further updates.

I see several discussions about bugs being fixed in different branches (by Sam Roberts:, Matthew Wild:, and Diego Nehab: The "unstable" branch referenced by Diego seems to be the most recent one, but I'm not sure what other fixes it does or doesn't include.

Can someone clarify the situation and discuss plans for the next stable release?

I get "it's open-source, you can fork it" memo and this is exactly what I did to implement mingw support on Windows for the "unstable" branch (, but it's yet another fork/branch and it would be great to somehow consolidate all the efforts together.

If Diego indeed intends to make a release soon (as indicated recently here:, it would be nice to hear a word on this.