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2013/4/12 Hisham <>:

> Just for fun, here's a larger snippet of translated Lua code (I just
> ran 'sed' on some code, and picked slightly different symbols). It
> doesn't look _that_ bad, to be honest!

You've picked nicer symbols than mine, Well, my level-3,4 APL
keymap still has 15 unused slots, so I'll support your choice of
characters for Symbolic Lua.

There's one problem: Unicode characters ≤,≥,≠. They won't fit in
with my present patch. Two- or three-character UTF-8 sequences
look like Lua names. Programs that do e.g. `a≠b` without spaces
will break. So the patch to llex.c will need to be less trivial.

Otherwise one might try a patch that makes Unicode symbols look
like special characters instead. I'd hate to do that, because I am
happily using Greek letters as variable names right now.

Maybe we will have to wait for Lua 6, the first Lua to provide
transparent Unicode support.