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Le 12/04/2013 12:05, Dirk Laurie a écrit :
> Someone had the bright idea of moving them to the APL group, then in
> its infancy. With their French-style abstract mathematical training,
> they outstripped the other students easily. At least Lua programmers
> of whatever nationality can spell one eight-letter English word
> correctly ("coroutine" and "metatable" seem not to be words elsewhere). 
I know a bit APL but the problem with this language is it is totally
unreadable for people that don't know already it.
I mean *most* of current languages share the same vocables : "for",
"while", ... are quite common everywhere.  An IT Esperanto kind of :)

As I was mastering C and derivative (php, javascript, ...), I found no
difficulties to understand code wrote in Lua (obviously, writing
something is another story :) ), but APL code looks like to me a Martian
language from outer-space for me.