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On 05/04/2013 21:12, wrote:
I've not turned up anything in my searches, but I thought I'd ask if anybody had done
anything with connecting Java and Lua 4 -- either something similar to LuaJava or JNI

On the LuaJava website, they mention "LuaJava for Lua 3.1", but then as far as I can tell,
the next version targets Lua 5.0.  Everything else I'm aware of (mochalua, kahlua, luaj)
seem to all be too recent to have ever dealt with Lua 4.

You need it with Java 1.4 or earlier?
Irony aside, I wonder why you need such old version of Lua. You have lot of old code to run in this environment?

Perhaps if you dig deep enough in the project history [1] you can find a version compatible with Lua 4.0.


Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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