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	Hi David

On Tue, 9 Apr 2013, David Burgess wrote:

5.2 has been around for some time. It would seem to me that many of
the packages that, I use, have made no move towards 5.2.
	I think some (several?) packages will run well on both versions,
since the distance between them is small.  I spent some time converting
libraries last year and wrote some guidelines based on this experience:

The question I have of the seasoned Lua application authors:
Is the move to 5.2 worth the effort?
	I was surprised how easy was to convert LuaSQL to work with
all three Lua 5.X versions.  Was really simple; no hacks :-)  Now I am
converting CGILua, since we have a great amount of code based on it.
We plan to switch versions by the end of this month (this schedule is due
to a non-technical reason) and I am really confident it will be harmless.
LuaRocks is helping a lot!