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On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 9:15 AM, Kevin Martin <> wrote:
> This is what I don't understand. You have protected the Lua-C calls, but these calls
> must be called from somewhere, is that somewhere protected by the same mutex, if
> not then the state can be accessed by both that thread, and your mutex protected
> threads.

The C-code is called out of running LUA-script, they are executed in
thread context of the script. All these C-functions are encapsulated
by one global mutex (lock at the beginning of the function, unlock
before returning from it).

The other C-code, that calls back into my LUA-code, is running into an
owns threads context (I can't change that, this behaviour is defined
by the underlying library I use). But the C-callback, that is called
from the library and that performs the lua_call() is encapsulated by
the same mutex like the other functions mentioned above.

> * It is possible for multiple threads to work with the same state simultaneously
> using lua_lock/lua_unlock, but I don't understand that.

Same here I found lua_lock()/unlock() I'm using
platform-dependent mutextes in my case.