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On 4/2/13, Li, Samuel <> wrote:
> I choose Lua 5.1 as my application's embedded scripting language, but when I
> port the application to a legacy platform runs LynxOS 3.1 on PowerPC,
> things seems going wrong.
> I get following code run up on PC and everything looks good:
> void test_lua()
> {
>   const char *code = "foo = 5\n";
>   double vfoo=0;
>   lua_State *L = luaL_newstate();
>   (void)luaL_loadbuffer(L, code, strlen(code), "line");
>   (void)lua_pcall (L, 0, 0, 0);
>  lua_getglobal(L, "foo");
>   vfoo = lua_tonumber(L, -1);
>   lua_close(L);
>   myTrace("vfoo = %f", vfoo);
>   for(;;);
> }
> with PC (Visual C++ 6.0) I got expecting "vfoo = 5.000000"
> But with LynxOS/PowerPC I got "vfoo = 0.000000".
> So what's going on for Lua on LynxOS/PowerPC ? I am wondering if there are
> some configurations for big-endian machine, I looked for it in "luaconf.h"
> but find nothing. I also tried the configuration item "LUA_USE_POSIX" but no
> help.
> I know it's not a typical platform for lua programming. However, any
> suggestions are welcome and be appreciated.

I used Lua for years on PowerPC based Macs and never noticed any
problems. I never had to setup anything special for PowerPC. I just
used the Mac makefile target which I don't think does anything special
because it works for both PowerPC and Intel. Lua tends to be pure ANSI
C everywhere which means no #if clauses for platform specific things
like endianess.

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