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2013/3/25 marbux <>:

> About a year ago or so, there was a discussion of whether Lua was the
> best language for a beginner.  As I recall the consensus was "no" but
> some suggestions were made for other languages. One of them caught my
> eye as especially appropriate for children and I thought I had
> bookmarked it, but either the bookmark or the discussion in the
> archives. Does anyone remember enough of it to find the thread again?
> The reason I am asking is that about a week ago I met an 8-year-old
> girl named Hunter whose obvious brilliance very simply rocked me on my
> heels. (I'm going on 67 years old and this was the first time I'd had
> such an experience.) She has no computer. So with her mother's
> permission I am buying her a used laptop. I'd like to equip the laptop
> with that programming language's interpreter and its tutorials. (I'm
> also going to bring her to the attention of some people I know who
> work with gifted children.)

I don't think children need a programming language especially
appropiate for children. If they find the topic interesting, almost
anything will do. If they don't, well...

It does not damage your brain to get started with programming using
some BASIC dialect and 6502 assembler afterwards, even when you're
under ten years old, as an example of former times.