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On 9 February 2013 11:46, liam mail <> wrote:
> Win a signed copy of PiL 3rd Edition
> Nobody talks about Lua!
> Well let us try something to correct that. Up for grabs is a signed
> copy of the newly
> released and much anticipated book, Programming in Lua Third Edition.
> To enter into the chance
> of winning the book, all that is required is that you do talk about
> Lua using a reasonable
> medium[1] which can be enjoyed by others. The content could be:
> Why you are using Lua
> How you are using it
> Interesting projects involving Lua
> The competition will remain open for a period of one month[2].
> Entries can be added to this mailing list thread or by sending a
> twitter message[3].
> After the competition has closed, a public (twitter) poll will be
> opened, this poll will
> remain open until the following Full Moon[4] after which the winner
> will be announced on lua-l and
> twitter.
> Entries are not limited to twitter account holders, although voting
> requires such an account.
> You are not required to re-tweet a twitter message for participation,
> although if you do
> have a twitter account a re-tweet about this competition would be appreciated.
> I would like to say a special Thank You to Justin Cormack for his help
> in setting this up.
> Good luck, I will sign off with some wise words from the 80's[5].
> Happy talkin', talkin Happy talk
> Talk about things you'd like to do
> You've got to have a dream
> If you don't have a dream
> How you gonna have a dream come true
> [1] Examples or reasonable mediums being video, podcast, article, blog post etc.
> [2] Lunar month from 10th February to 11th March
> [3] @LuaLang using the hash tag #PiL3
> [4] 27th March
> [5] Captain Sensible, Happy Talk

Check 1-2.
tap tap
Is this mic working? :)

Entries have been added to where you will also find a
link to a twitter poll, please cast your vote to see who shall win the

All the best and thank you to anyone who took part.

-- Liam