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Petite Abeille <> writes:
>>> On a slightly related topic, with all the complaints about the use of the
>>> '~' character, how come the Apple mob seem to be OK with '#'?
>> I can't remember how I type it, but it is easily typed. I think it's alt-3.
> Shift-3 on an US-QWERTY keyboard. As easy as pie.

The odd thing about "~" is that it's one of the symbols whose position
on the keyboard seems highly variable _even for a single style of
keyboard_ (where a "style" is US, French, Japanese, etc).  Most other
characters seem to have more stable locations (on U.S. keyboards other
"YMMV" characters are "`", "|", "\"...).

[I don't actually find this variability to be a huge problem in
practice though -- I just get used to the set of keyboards I use


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