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On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Kevin Martin <> wrote:
> One of the reasons for this has been the perceived work (admittedly it might be easier than it looks) integrating the libraries into our build system. I would like to see something similar to the SQLite amalgamation for Lua libraries, so that I could just download one file (c or lua) and just add it to package.preload.

Well, we have Mathew Wild's Squish and Jay Carlson's soar for making
Lua amalgamations. In LuaBuild I combined soar with lhf's srlua with a
mini 5.2 distribution to create a build system which could package a
Lua program with both its Lua and C dependencies into one executable.
What LB does _not_ do is provide a way of generating similar shared
library amalgamations. Maybe that's the logical next step.

steve d.