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On 26 February 2013 20:10, Spencer Parkin <> wrote:
> I have removed the style sheet.  It should no longer mimic the visual style
> of
> Thank you for the feedback.

You are welcome to use the Kepler stylesheet though, which is used by
a number of Lua-related projects (both Kepler and non-Kepler alike),
such as CGILua, LuaFileSystem, LuaCov, LPeg, Dado, Lua-Coat... (I'm
sure I've seen other non-Kepler modules using this look back in the
day, but I can't remember which ones right now.)

Other suggestions:

* Since you're distributing a Win32 binary package labeled release
1.0, add a tag in your github repository marking this release, so that
users can know what code does the package refer to, after you make
further commits in your tree.

* Likewise, the tarball and zipball features from github are a nice
convenience, but when pointing to /master/ they are moving targets. It
will be hard for you to debug reports from your users when they tell
you they downloaded the .tar.gz and you don't know which generation of
your code they got.

* Github tends to generate weird names for those archives when
downloading, such as and, also, they
use that name as the root directory inside the zipballs/tarballs,
which makes them cumbersome to refer to (for example, when writing
rockspecs later for LuaRocks). My suggestion is to make the
tarball/zipball yourself, as galua-1.0.tar.gz with a galua-1.0
directory inside. Since you're statically linking calclib, I'd
probably just include the calclib sources in the galua-1.0 tarball as
well (it will make it easier to write a Makefile later, when porting
to Unix systems such as Linux or Mac OSX).

-- Hisham