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i forgot my example

here's an naive implementation for bcd.add() in lua which exhibits the
"whole function is a loop" symptom. this example i find it much more
clearer to be imperative than (co)recursive because i don't need to
parametrize for a loop control variable. also, the code is easily
mapped to C this way which is important to me because lua is just a
prototype language in this project

function add(x, y)
        local c
        local i
        local t
        local z

        i = 1
        z = {}
        t = (x[i] or 0) + (y[i] or 0)
        if c then
                t = t + 1
                c = false
        if t >= 10 then
                t = t - 10
                c = true
        z[i] = t
        i = i + 1
        if c or x[i] or y[i] then
                goto a
        return z