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	Hi Gavin

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013, Gavin Kistner wrote:

Here's what I ended up going with, as it only requires a change to the master file. I'd be interested in comments on why this might be a bad idea.
    ### master.lua
    local m = {}
    local env = getfenv(0)

    require 'simple'
    require 'multi'
    require 'shared1'
    require 'shared2'
    require 'reference'
    return m

All other files are unchanged, except the usage itself which gets a `local MASTER = require 'master'` 

Written up at:
	Maybe I've missed something, but why don't you just:

return {
	simple = require"simple",
	multi = require 'multi',
	shared1 = require 'shared1',
	shared2 = require 'shared2',
	reference = require 'reference',

	Of course you'll end up with a hierarchical structure, which
couldn't be what you want.  But I am sure it is worth it!