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On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 05:29:37PM -0500, Steve Litt wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:09:07 +0800
> jyf <> wrote:
> > actually i hope they could use lua to instead python in gnome
> Man, could you imagine that? Could you imagine all the Lua add-ons that
> would spawn? Could you imagine how much mindshare that would bring to
> Lua?
well i know its a big project, so its just a wish not a plan

> In my opinion, Lua is the best general purpose computing language,
> but I seldom use it for two reasons:
> 1) Lua add-on tools are comparatively few, immature, untested and
>    undocumented.
i dont think the gnome components needs all the librarys support, actually 
there're so many libararys that not has been used in python's standard library

> 2) Lua has comparatively little mindshare, so if you're on a project
>    and there's a need to write a script, others are going to champion
>    Python or Ruby.

yes, but think of those successful game, why they choose lua?

> If Gnome were to be rewritten in Lua, that would completely smash those
> two reasons. In my opinion, a Lua rewrite of Gnome would propel Lua
> waaaaay above other languages, not just for kiosks and games and the
> like, but for everything. The only holdouts would be people enjoying
> Python's indent-sensitive syntax.

> Well, speaking as one of the people who *loves* Python's
> indent-sensitive syntax, if problems 1 and 2 listed above were cured,
> I'd switch to Lua and every program I'd ever write would be Lua, C, or
> a combination of the two. Indentation syntax sensitivity is nice, but
> it doesn't even begin to compensate for Lua's simplicity and power.
speaking as a python engineer who live on python coding, i still think lua is suite
for gnome components. gnome's UI&&Effects are cool, but sloooooow, many times i turn to 
other small DE like LXDE, and turn back for cant put up with the poor UI. so the problem
is to how to get the gnome runs speedly, that made me think of lua, which has been used
by Angry Bird, so if a mobile game could use it speedly, Its obvious that PC should do 
that too

and runtime overhead is another problem, gnome is cool because it has huge components to
service people, when it get more cool, it get more slow, this might not a problem for you 
guys running gnome on your dev machine, but i have a chromebook from samsung(249USD)
which runs chrUbuntu, by running gnome UI, its toooo slow :[

> :-) and, as you all know, I long ago worked around Lua's one flaw in
> the language itself; lack of a continue statement :-)
> If the widely used Gnome were ever rewritten in Lua, I'd go dancing in
> the streets.
i do same :]

> SteveT