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On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 12:39 AM, steve donovan
<> wrote:
> Divided between 'WTF' and 'really cool' reactions...

Thanks, Steve. I'll work that into the "Where Lua Is Used" web page.

One commenter mentioned that Lua is used heavily in the Squeezebox
system (embedded Linux for Logitech networked multimedia appliances,
formerly known as Jive). I did a bit of googling and indeed, Lua is
deeply integrated in Squeezebox from the OS kernel to user interfaces
and user-created applet plugins, see e.g.,

But Logitech recently discontinued  use and development of Squeeze OS
for all but one internet "radio" product, although they've committed
to continue support for Squeeze and existing appliances.

The successor system is called "ue". I haven't found the mother lode
of Lua documentation for it yet, but the user forums suggest that Lua
5.1 is heavily involved there too. See
(user forum search for "lua " produces 89 pages of hits).

I'll be working Jive/Squeezebox/ue stuff into the web page too, but I
anticipate a bit of work to compress the text for those entries.
Probably two, one for Squeezebox/Jive and one for ue. That's a tangle
of related information. :-)

Best regards,