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Hi All,

ZeroBrane Studio is a lightweight Lua IDE with code completion, syntax
highlighting, live coding, remote debugger, code analyzer, and
integration with various Lua engines.

Some of the highlights from the most recent version (0.35):
- Integration with and debugging support for recently released
Marmalade Quick
- Support for debugging of Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT applications right from
the IDE (Lua5.2 support requires luasocket compiled for Lua5.2; LuaJIT
out-of-the-box debugging requires LuaJIT 2.0.1);
- Live coding with Corona SDK
- Support for cross-platform remote debugging with auto-mapping (the
IDE and the Lua application being debugged can run on different file

The documentation has been expanded to cover some of the new
functionality and provide tutorials for the available features: The packages for
Windows, OSX, and Linux are available on the project website: Thank you all for your contributions and
support of the project!