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On 12 February 2013 00:57, William Sumner <> wrote:
I think it's a little inaccurate to portray it as a "bikeshedding" debate, as if syntax is a solved problem and any discussion of it is off-limits.

I don't think it's very much, if any at all, beyond a bike shed debate.  Syntax is, for all practical purposes a solved problem.  Syntax is largely, past a certain point of expressiveness, utterly unimportant.  Semantics rules the day.

People saying it's too hard to remember ~= over != are arguing the colour of the bike shed and nothing beyond that, IMO.  I "speak" a dozen or so programming languages semi- to fully-fluently (most of these having far more alien constructs than ~ vs. ! in inequality statements) and have no problem at all remembering things.  Perhaps this is because I spend my time learning the language and its idioms instead of wishing it was Yet Another Curly Brace Language.

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