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On 30 Jan 2013 13:08, "Eric Wing" <> wrote:
> The first is tools. Speaking as somebody who doesn't really know the
> details of llvm so I could be totally off, having a tool chain that
> makes LLVM aware of Lua seems potentially useful to me from a tools
> standpoint. From a very high level, we've seen what Apple has done
> with LLVM and Xcode. You get syntax highlighting, autocompletion, live
> validation, 'fix it' suggestions, and you get debugging and profiling
> tools. I'm wondering/hoping there is a way to tap all that ultimately
> through the llvm-lua project. Imagine a new generation of IDEs that
> can be made, geared towards Lua.

XCode's syntax highlightiing/etc is all to do with the Clang libraries, not LLVM itself.

Debugging LLVM may be some help with, but mainly with regards to outputting the debugging information into the generated code