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Congrats!  It's great to see projects like this pursued with enough
persistence to make them polished.

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 1:49 PM, Eric Wing <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to announce my library, LuaHashMap: An easy to use hash table
> library for C, is now officially 1.0.0.
> For those who missed my description last year:
> You guys might find this interesting/amusing because it turns the
> traditional paradigm of embedding Lua on its head.
> Instead of embedding Lua in your C program to make it extensible
> through scripting, or instead of adding a C module to extend features
> in Lua scripts, LuaHashMap utilizes Lua so the programmer can continue
> working completely in C.
> LuaHashMap wraps Lua to leverage its proven hash table implementation,
> while providing a friendly C API (which avoids needing to know/use the
> low-level Lua C-API). Thus Lua becomes a implementation detail for an
> otherwise plain old C library. (Crazy, eh?)
> There's also some other fun/crazy/nasty stuff included such as an
> STL-like interface wrapper for LuaHashMap (conforms to
> hash_map/unordered_map), and optional macros utilizing the new C11
> _Generic feature for essentially C++-like overloading (without the C++
> baggage).
> I started this library on my free time nearly two years ago, but never
> finished the final things needed to do a release like documentation
> and benchmarks. I went through one major evolution about a year after
> its inception, and I've been pretty happy with the API and performance
> since. I did a big push on benchmarks 6 months ago, but never
> finished. I finally resumed the benchmarks and finally did
> documentation, so I am finally announcing this library.
> I have a lot more information/documentation about it. The home page
> for LuaHashMap is at:
> Thanks,
> Eric
> --
> Beginning iPhone Games Development