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On Sat Jan 05 2013 @  3:44, wrote:
> On 05/01/2013 03:13, Coda Highland wrote:
> >There are a few serialization systems out there (no links handy at the
> >moment), but you do want to be careful with that as deserializing
> >untrusted data could end you up with malicious functions.
> >
> >/s/ Adam
> >
> I am not very familiar with the terminology. Does "serialization"
> simply means saving a table to a file?

More or less. Serialization[1] is "the process of converting a data
structure of object state into a format that can be stored...and
'resurrected' later in the same or another computer environment."

In and of itself, serialization is the conversion process. It doesn't
necessarily imply saving it in a particular way. But in a larger sense,
yes, what you want is serialization.

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