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I don't mean to say that control of warnings is a bad idea, but it either has to be something notionally part of luac.exe's command line option processing, or become part of the chunk syntax.

For all that some of us got enthusiastic about this thread, I think it's worth keeping in mind that ultimately, this is a minor issue.  Even in its very aggressive 5.1 form, most programmers hardly noticed that the check was there.  It took the Lua list a full year to really clue in to what had changed :)  

If you're using Lua as an embedded scripting language, it's easy enough to change the 2 or 3 lines in lparser.c that toggle the check.  And my feeling is that that's already a sufficient level of control -- choosing whether or not to enable it on a project by project basis probably makes as much sense or more as exposing some sort of optional argument in lua_load().