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In the case that the most recent seminfo is a numeric constant, we probably want to throw a syntax error.  It's unclear if {..77} should be interpreted as {[77]=77}, or {["77"]=77}, and, neither interpretation seems likely to be that useful in practice.  

Though now that I think about it, having 
be valid, while throwing an error on
is a little weird.  I'm pretty certain that, in the cases where we encounter an undefined seminfo.ts, seminfo.r must be holding a numeric constant.  So replacing the codestring() call with

   init_exp(&key, VKNUM, 0);
   key.u.nval = ls->t.seminfo.r;

should be a fairly reasonable way of handling the situation.

But, as I said earlier, I'm really not convinced that any kind of support for complex expressions is a good idea -- throwing an error anytime the _expression_ ends up parsing more than a single name token would feel cleaner.