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I'm proud to announce the official release of LuaBridge version 1.0.
LuaBridge is a lightweight, dependency-free library for binding Lua to
C++ originally developed by Nathan Reed and taken over by Vinnie Falco
for active development in 2012. Features include:

- Just one header file, no sources to add or compile!
- No extra toolchain steps or preprocessing required.
- No external dependencies (no Boost).
- Tested extensively with Lua version 5.2.
- Clear, easy to use, well documented interface.
- Automatically detect function signatures and bind them.
- Pass objects by value or construct them from Lua (Lua lifetime)
- Pass objects by pointer or reference (C++ lifetime)
- Reference counted dynamically allocated objects shared by C++ and
Lua using provided containers or your own, totally customizable.
- Designed to bind your code to Lua without changing existing classes.
- Active maintenance, issue management and bug fixing.
- MIT Licensed.

LuaBridge is located here: