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On May 6, 2012, at 11:22 AM, Steven Johnson wrote:

> If I'm not mistaken, you're actually seeing the return values for the
> loadstring() chunk, not your print function.

I'm confused then. My loadString chunk is, for instance: print ("hello")

If I enter: return ("hello") then the stack does have a string - hello on it.

How do I call a C function and get return results if that doesn't work?

> Assuming your user code is very simple, you could do
>  return print("stuff", "more stuff")

I'd rather not tell the user they can't just type 'print'. That seems odd to me.

> on the console or prepend a "return " to inCmd before loading.

Then to everything the user types, so I get the return value? If that were a lua restriction, it seems like it would be mentioned.

> For something more general maybe print could stuff the strings into a
> table in parallel and you can snag that instead.

As a workaround, I see what you mean. But not being able to get return values is confusing me. It feels like I'm doing something wrong. If 'return "hello"' works, it feels like a C function that returns values should too.