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> It's not clear for me.
> Killa will be a super-set of Lua?
> Any lua program will be compatible with Killa (just like C and C++) ?

Killa is not going to be a super-set of Lua. In the future it could be
a very different language borrowing parts of the Lua VM and its
embedding API.
For starters In Lua you don't need to declare your variables before using them.
In Killa that is mandatory. In Killa in order to use a global variable
you need to access it through the global symbol:

var localVar = global.myGlobalVar + 1

So all the Lua programs need to be changed and it's not just a matter
of changing the braces, the operators and the keywords.
That said it's not THAT difficult I ported all the Love lua scripts
that boot the engine in hours and I found minor typo bug in the
process and my tetris clone was also straightforward (and I found that
I was using a global null variable due to a typo). I hate these silent

In Lua you can use index zero it's just that you have to be careful
with the length operator, my Lua code was and porting it to Killa was
almost copy paste.

Killa is not intended for the "casual programmer" but for the indie or
professional game programmer with AS3/JavaScript/C++ know-how.
I have used many scripting languages for different game engines:
C-script (this was abominable), TorqueScript (weird), AS2, and some
I don't want to recall all the limitations they had (C-Script allowed
only 4 parameter per function, had only global variables, etc, etc,
TorqueScript and AS2 had rare bugs, etc) Learning to live with them
was necessary and comparing them with Killa (or Lua) they stand no
chance for me.