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Dear beloved Lua community, Debian will freeze in June and hopefully
release a few months later the new stable distribution weezy!
It will ship Lua 5.1, 5.2, luajit (as a backport), plus a bunch of libraries.

This means there is just one month left to update these libraries, in
particular with respect to 5.2. If you are the author of a Lua library,
and you have in your vcs a patch for Lua 5.2, it may be the right time to
make a release.

The most pressing items are, from my perspective:

  lua-sql: 45 commits on top of 2.2.0 including Lua 5.2 support
  lua-filesystem: 16 commits on top of 1.5.0 including Lua 5.2 support
  luasocket: I'm aware of an upcoming 2.1 release with ipv6 and Lua 5.2 support
  lua-sec: update to luasocket 2.1
  prosody: 0.9 with ipv6 support

So, if you are reading this and you want your Lua library to be updated
in Debian, especially if it is in the list above, please tell me if you
have a realistic plan to make a release before June. Then I'll do my
best to package your updated library or software.

Enrico Tassi