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Jorge, like your proposal. But,

1 - Describe "as needed" when swapping to disk, and

2 -  I am assuming that local tables are not swapped. Correct ?

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Jorge <> wrote:
Here's a simple proposal:

Motivation: everything is a file is the unix and C way, but is not the
Lua way, where everything is a table.

Idea: A special global "persistent" table. Any table you store there, is
automatically swapped to disk as needed by a magic chunk of C code. You
do not have to explicitly save or load your tables, you just hang it
there, and they will be available later. Deleting becomes garbage
The technology behind is swapping.


On lun, 2012-04-23 at 14:22 +0300, Bogdan Marinescu wrote:
> eLua already boots on bare x86. But that doesn't mean anything in real
> life (besides looking spectacular :) ). I've thought about this idea
> often, from different angles, and the conclusion is always the same:
> you'd need a huge amount of work/man power to make eLua aware of all
> the hardware out there. I simply don't see this happening. IMO, the
> best solution to this is something like Lunatik. Take an already
> existing market proven open source OS (Linux/xBSD for example),
> integrate Lua in the kernel, then write as much as possible in Lua,
> while keeping the tremendous driver base you'd find in the OS. This is
> a very complex project in itself, but much more likely to succeed as a
> "let's write almost everything in Lua" approach.
> Best,
> Bogdan

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