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On Apr 8, 2012 2:17 PM, "Franklin Dijkstra" <> wrote:
> Dear Lua Developers,
> So i recently got this idea that might make lua more attractive. My idea is the following:
> Compile .lua files into .luac files and then you can compile all the .luac files into one file, (example a renamed .zip) And let lua recognize the file and run it with the Lua Virtual Machine. This make it more attractive since it wont be much of a mess for users to download. And it will be more attractive for developers since it just so much cleaner.

You can distribute games for the Lua-based Love2D engine this way. You just package all the source files and resources into a zip file and thee engine can execute it. You can even append the zip after the executable to create a single distributable game executable.

You can take a look at the Love2D source and adapt the loader for the Lua interpreter.