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> PS. There is an another attractive GUI library: Juce
> (

I use JUCE at work and I have mixed opinions of it. It's
cross-platform, reasonably lightweight, and reasonably fast, which
does pair well with the Lua philosophy. It's pretty stable and has a
surprisingly good variety of tools it offers.

But the API is inconsistent -- for example, all widgets have the
ability to suppress their notifications when updated programmatically,
but some widgets want "true" ("suppression enabled") for this behavior
while other widgets want "false" ("notifications disabled") with no
rhyme or reason behind which is which. A

And there are no API or ABI stability guarantees; code that works
against JUCE 1.52 will probably fail to build with 1.53, or worse
might compile yet have differences in behavior.

So weigh the pros and cons here. Personally I lean towards Qt; it's
larger but it's generally more consistent and has very solid
compatibility guarantees, plus it's also LGPL so it's not as
troublesome for projects that want to be BSD or MIT licensed.

/s/ Adam