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Am 06.04.12 02:28, schrieb Steve Litt:
> On Thu, 05 Apr 2012 10:19:46 +0200
> Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>> LuaMotif if a Lua binding for OpenMotif.  The rationale behind it is
>> to create GUIs in a declarative style as described in the article on
>> The source code is now on ready to
>> be cloned.
>> Remember to define some X resources for your applications, by default
>> OpenMotif is now known for the beauty of the programs created with
>> it ;)
>> Enjoy!
> Thanks Marc,
> When would one use LuaMotif, and when would one use wxLua? I'm not
> familiar with declarative style, but a glance at the website you
> referenced looked quite a bit like wxPython.

I can not answer that question.  But imo, to use LuaMotif one need to
have at least basic Motif and X/Xt knowledge.  Motif is not very new and
it took the Open Group way too long to release at least a somewhat open
source version (OpenMotif), and in this time, other toolkits like GTK
etc. have seen the light.  There was even a free Motif clone, Lesstiff.

I am using LuaMotif because we applications written in C that already
use OpenMotif, so we can scipt them in Lua.

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