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Hi list,
In general, 'require' a module in will affect all coroutine. Thus if I change 'moduleA.b' value in one coroutine, another coroutine will find 'moduleA.b' has been changed.
So I want to know the possiblity to use 'require' to load module in different coroutines have independent environment, in this case, changing 'moduleA.b' value in one coroutine do not affect another coroutine (like libc 'errno').
I try to use 'setfenv', but it only for global variable, not for 'require' and 'module'.

If the method descibed above is impossible, does it possible to create an interpreter with a table as its initial environment by pure lua code, like Python's code.InteractiveInterpreter?


ps. I use 5.1.4.
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