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I can vouch for this team at Rackspace, they are really nice people.  If I actually qualified for this position (not a windows developer personally) and didn't already have an awesome job, I'd apply for it.

Also, in case anyone noticed, was down last night.  It should be up stable now. It has it's own dedicated box and is running a luvit server (able to handle about 4,000 requests per second).

-Tim Caswell

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Blake Haggerty <> wrote:

Here at Rackspace in San Francisco we are looking for someone who can come in and knock out our next generation Windows agent. The ideal candidate will have deep knowledge of Lua. After these agents have been built this candidate will have no trouble transitioning onto other parts of the product in Node.js, Twisted Python or C.


The agent source code is here but in a serious state of flux:


The agent is using luvit at the core which you can find here:



TheWindows Agent Developer will focus on building Windows Monitoring Server Agents. The Engineer will have extensive experience designing and implementing Windows agents. This will be a great opportunity to contribute to creating some incredible technology. If you enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment and want to share your expertise, you just might be what we are looking for! We offer competitive salary, full benefits, and the opportunity to make a big impact.


- Designing and implementing Windows host agents
- Designing and creating new checks for host agents
- Implementation of tools for collecting data from servers

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

- Extensive experience with Windows API systems programming.
- Comfortable writing cross platform system software
- Experience with embedded language, Lua
- Comfortable writing custom protocols
- Previous experience contributing to open source projects
- Knowledgeable about writing secure software.
- Languages: C, Lua, Python (bonus)

Education and Experience:

- Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline
- Over 5 years of proven Windows development



Best Regards,

Blake Haggerty