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Occasionally I forget commas when I create large nested tables in Lua.  It
reminds me of when I was learning c and always forgetting to place semicolons at
the end of a line.  I'm so happy that semicolons are optional in Lua.  I wish
commas were too.

Could this work?


local node= {
        {template="rect" x=10 y=100 alpha=1
            s1 = {color="red"}
            s2 = {color="blue" x="=x+1"}
            s3 = {color="blue" x=10}

        {template="textbox" }

Instead of traditionally:

local node= {
        {template="rect", x=10, y=100, alpha=1,
            s1 = {color="red",},
            s2 = {color="blue", x="=x+1",},
            s3 = {color="blue", x=10,},

        {template="textbox", },

I always end up using trailing commas in my tables and it feels wasteful. 

Any thoughts?