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On 27/02/2012 22.09, Leo Razoumov wrote:
On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 14:20, Petite Abeille<>  wrote:
Random trivia… Top 10 contributors over the last 15 years*

|  # | Name                        | Count | From |  To  |
|  9 | Rici Lake                   |   848 | 2004 | 2007 |

I miss Rici Lake insightful postings and cool code snippets he used to
contribute to this list. I hope he is well and sound!

I hope that too!

I've never had the honour of having a mail exchange with him on lua-l, but a (slightly tweaked) version of his template engine is at the core of at least 50% of my Lua code. Kudos!


P.S. lua-l is one of the best mailing lists I have been part of.  150
ml of vodka to the next 15 years of lua-l:-)

P.S. Happy birthday to lua-l! Most welcoming sw mailing list ever! Long live lua-l!

Cheers to everybody!

-- Lorenzo