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On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 7:39 PM, John Labenski <> wrote:
I have had good luck with wxFormBuilder, but I haven't used it for
such large projects.

Is it possible to break the GUI into separate wxFormBuilder/XRC files
for each different logical part. Maybe one file for the main frame and
menus, a second for dialogs, etc.

Hope this helps,
I do know I had a look at DialogBlocks, but I can't find my notes so dont remember why I did not choose it to start with. But I guess I better revaluate it again, since the project has grown it might be a better option now.

wxFormBuilder is an excellent tool, i'd recommend checking it out for anyone doing gui using wx.

It is possible to import  XRC into an existing project so I guess that will be the lazy approach for now.