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On 24 February 2012 15:15, Jay Carlson <> wrote:
> The reason the Lua distribution keeps on getting stuck
> finding/explaining all these weirdo dynamic linker/loader options is
> that under this rule, should also link with -llua5.1. But
> /usr/bin/lua is instead serving as an anonymous shared library--one
> which cannot be called for by name. If targeting larger apps embedding
> lua dynamically, plugins are stuck--should they declare their
> dependency on -llua5.1?

When I do this, I can no longer use the same module with LuaJIT,
because the module loads the standard Lua VM and those two cause
conflicts. Or at least that is my theory of why the modules I tested
were causing obscure errors like segmentation faults and started
working when I removed "-llua5.1" dependency. I may be wrong...