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Hi there,

I am porting lubyk to Linux and I am stuck with undefined symbols. Here is my scenario:

lib/lubyk/ contains the symbols for TimeRef class, including (nm output):

00004734 T _ZN5lubyk7TimeRef7elapsedEv
000046a0 T _ZN5lubyk7TimeRefC1Ev
000046a0 T _ZN5lubyk7TimeRefC2Ev
00004704 T _ZN5lubyk7TimeRefD1Ev
00004704 T _ZN5lubyk7TimeRefD2Ev

lib/lubyk/ uses the TimeRef class.

Doing this fails under Linux but works in Mac OS X:

> require 'lubyk.core'
Loaded again lubyk.core.
---> 0.001955           ---- Here I try to use TimeRef from lua_open_lubyk_core and it works fine.
> require 'lubyk.Worker'
error loading module 'lubyk.Worker' from file '/home/gaspard/git/lubyk/deploy/linux/lib/lubyk/':
/home/gaspard/git/lubyk/deploy/linux/lib/lubyk/ undefined symbol: _ZN5lubyk7TimeRef7elapsedEv

I am clueless: it seems the loaded does not find an already used symbol in the active binary...

Any idea ?