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this is a basic network question, and not a lua related question.
Anyway, Luasocket does not do anything specific for nat. When a package traverses the network from A to B there may be any number from 0 to n of nat translations in which source or destination ip/port might be updated.
But this always happens out-of-sight of Luasocket.

Solutions have been presented;
-know the destination ip/port and time the connect attempt, both sides simultaneously
-use a server to setup initial connection

Or update your question to be more specific.


Van: Satheesh Kumar <>
Verzonden: Fri Feb 24 08:19:08 GMT+01:00 2012
Onderwerp: Luasocket - Tcp and udp to devices behind NAT

A lot of people were really helpful to my previous question regarding NAT traversing.
I have got another..

While using "luasocket" library, if the server and client are behind a NAT, how does luasocket handle tcp and udp connections?