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Well, A good resource (like a wiki) requires (among other things) good
editing.  If we put in every last thing up there with no regard to
general usefulness, then it will become cluttered and useless.

Sven asked for feedback, and I gave him some.   Be careful what you ask for. :-)

I'll agree that the power patches page is feeling a bit cluttered at the moment.  And I'm willing to concede that adding a couple more debatably useful sections may not help matters :-)

I have really appreciated the feedback I've gotten from you guys though -- just knowing about the parse issues with if-then is nice, and it was fun to spend some time poking around in the source.  After mulling it over, I'm now convinced that swapping the semantics of the ":" sugar isn't a terribly good idea.  I do like having that type of shortcut, but, I think it's best to implement it in a backwards compatible way rather than via a breaking change, which is easy enough to do by adding a new sugar case for "function class::member()".