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James Graves <> wrote:

> In my opinion, the patch is not useful, and should not be on the wiki.
> Any incompatible change in the language should also bring significant
> benefits.  What is the benefit here?  To save typing in four letters...
> sometimes?  The language becomes more complex.  The code you write using
> this patch won't be compatible with existing Lua implementations.
> If you are going to change Lua, then really change it. Like with
> Moonscript.  Minor variants (to fix someone's pet peeve) don't bring any
> benefit to the community in the long term.

To belabour the point a little further...

It is not just the size of the patch to the source code that needs to
be considered.  It is also the size of the changes needed for the
documentation as well.

How easily can the new rules be explained to a newcomer to Lua?

How easy will it be to figure out a compile-time problem that a 'then'
is really required?

Are these difficulties more or less than the benefit of a language change?

James Graves