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On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 12:33 PM, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
> Op 20 februari 2012 08:56 schreef steve donovan <>  het volgende:

> ml.remove(tbl,start,stop), stop defaulting to start, if that is deemed to  be more Luatic.

Cool (looks like sub), except I would not use 'remove' here; maybe
removevalues?? (But then I've already used sub(), maybe slice()?)

> Now that the Triumvirate has settled on "sequence" in the 5.2 manual, Sequence seems indicated.

I'm already using 'sequences' in an idiosyncratic way in PL to mean
'values returned by an interator'. Anyway, 'Sequence' seems a bit
foreign, so I'm still tending towards List.

How do you feel about seqfilter(), which creates an iterator from
another, filtered through a function?

Any opinion on '+' etc (optional) shortcuts?

> Thus making some room in the top-30 for other stuff, since Sequence and Set
> counts only as one each!

Yeah, it's really gaming the exercise ;)

I had a brief IM with Vadim who hopes that the  result remains
'micro'.  "Library golf" is hard.  There's  a saying going around that
naming things is one of the hardest things in Computer Science.

steve d.