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On 2012-02-18 00:19, Gavin Wraith wrote:

Everybody rightly praises the clarity and style of the Lua source code.
I hope that I do not sound ungrateful when I say that there will
always be muddle-heads like myself for whom no source code can ever be
clear enough, modular enough or documented enough.

I find the Lua source code readable enough. It's dense and you have
to understand how it all works to find your way through it but once
you have spent enough time looking at it it is beautiful.

I find the LuaJIT sources even harder to understand.

The LuaJIT sources are definitely more complicated. LuaJIT does lots
of clever things, and "clever" often means "hard to understand". I
guess only Mike Pall knows exactly what goes on in there :)

Pierre Chapuis