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no need, you can throw a error when you see 'in' and list is not a namelist

在 2012-2-18 中午12:24,"HyperHacker" <>写道:
On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 16:38, Sven Olsen <> wrote:
>> > So, what about the semantics become a exprlist?
>> > exprlist ::= expr { ',' expr } |
>> >                  namelist 'in' expr
>> >
>> > this allows some syntax:
>> > local a, b, c = d, e, f in t
>> > dump(a, b, c in t)
>> > local t = {a, b, c in t}
> That would be quite cute.  Of course, I'm not familiar enough with the
> grammar to know if it might cause other kinds of parser trouble :)
> If you could get it working, I'd certainly be a fan of such a patch.
> -Sven

It seems troublesome to me:
local x, y, z = a, b, c in t
does that parse as: local x, y, z, = t.a, t.b, t.c
or as: local x, y, z = a, b, t.c ?
In the former case, there's no way to access anything *not* in t; in
the latter, it's not very useful. Not to mention, the parser has to
read ahead an arbitrary number of tokens to see where it's meant to
pull these names from.

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