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On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 2:15 AM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:

>> Excellent webpage indeed. Please, keep it updated in the future.
> Yes, please! (Like I said, it'll be hard work...)

It's actually fairly easy for me, other than keeping my nose to the
grindstone. I'm using the NoteCase Pro outliner to work the page, with
each app's entry (and major section headings) a separate node.

Nodes can each be separately tagged or have other metadata added and
any arbitrary group of nodes (e.g., those with a particular tag
combination) can be identified via a search or Lua script and then
listed in a flat list view (no hierarchy) for further processing,
e.g., marking them for an operation to gather
marked nodes under a particular new classifying node.

Lots of bells and whistles for web research too and a new HTML page
source file complete with a table of contents and node numbering is
just an export action away. I wrote the app's documentation for
several years so its use is second nature to me. I spend lots of time
every day building documents similar to the Lua apps document, just on
differing topics.

> We've added links to it in at
> and soon also at

Great! But fair warning that I'm going to need to change the page's
URL at some point to get an intervening page between this page and the
site's home page. I've got some more Lua-related content to put up so
need a classifying "Lua" page for its sub-pages.

> BTW, there is a typo ( in section 1:

Fixed in the next draft that should go up later tonight. Thanks for the catch.

Best regards,