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On Feb 15, 2012, at 6:09 , Dirk Laurie wrote:

> Op 14 februari 2012 17:03 schreef Ross Bencina <> het volgende:
> On 13/02/2012 5:44 PM, Dirk Laurie wrote:
> There are at least two such projects already: stdlib and penlight, both
> maintained by well-respected members of the community.  Maybe we should
> start debating the relative merits of the two very different approaches
> taken, as a basis for growing into the kind of community-accepted
> library that poeple clamour for,
> Could anyone offer some insight into these "very different approaches"? I did a quick search on google and couldn't find anything except an unanswered SO question from November last year [1], which also mentioned underscore [2].
> The way I see it (others might not) is that Penlight is your home from home if you already know Python, whereas stdlib carries no baggage; Penlight is a well-integrated, written-from-scratch library chiefly by one programmer, whereas stdlib is a collection of routines by many people, lightly maintained (i.e. 5.1 versions of code that started out as 5.0) but not having a common programming style.   

That's the impression I get also. Ideally we'd have something in between - a well-integrated, written-from-scratch library (by multiple people) that follows idiomatic Lua conventions and uses a common style. I think my libmc [1] project is pretty close to that description, but I haven't had a chance to maintain it in a while.


Matthew Frazier