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On 13 February 2012 23:01, curt <> wrote:
> Tuna 0.4.1 includes support for Win64 architecture (what a fun week it was
> learning x64 assembly, interesting stuff!) and has some performance tweaks
> for even faster stack swapping. Also added a few more examples and included
> VC2005 build support as well as the VC2010
> Some API additions too, its all here:
> As ever, all feedback is welcome, including any suggestions for performance
> comparisons.

I am not sure if I missed anything (and do not want to sound
ignorant), but I didn't quite understand if it is possible to use Tuna
directly from the Lua interpreter, or do I have to create a custom
Tuna-spawned interpreter?

You say there is a 'lua-lanes'-like mode of operation, does it mean
that I can something like this?

local tuna = require 'tuna'
local thread = tuna.startThread('*')
local task = thread:startTaskFromBuffer(.....)

Also, what is the difference between tasks and threads? Are threads
directly related to OS threads?

Will it be possible to directly start a Lua function, instead of
having to create it in a separate file or a string? something like:

thread:start(function() print "Hello Thread!" end)